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Welcome to Berenice Cosmetics

About us

The need for cosmetics without the use of chemicals, parabens, additives and allergenic substances, made us to create natural products that promote the beautiful and healthy appearance of the skin. Our products besides their effectiveness also contribute to the protection of the environment, because anything we use on our skin and hair up to a certain point is absorbed by our body and the rest ends up in it with the usual ways of our body treatments. It’s now possible to use cosmetics that give wellness and let us getting older naturally.

Our products contain natural substances, vitamins, herbs, essential oils, natural preservatives, active ingredients, plant extracts, waxes, aqueous and oily flower extracts from Greek nature and the rest of the world. The Greek flora used since antiquity offers unsurpassed products and the global biodiversity that is now affordable in the 21st century, inspire us to create new combinations that meet the requirements of modern reality. During the production no animal experiments are being made, only invitro studies and the use of pure natural materials tested over time.


Our Philosophy

In our production process we follow and develop the traditional techniques with very high quality criteria, strict control at all stages of production so that our cosmetics are a complete experience of natural care and treatment for the whole family.

We produce quality products even custom made (within limits) adapted for special needs. Our goal is to provide a wide range of cosmetics covering different needs & applications following our passion for quality and respect for our customers.

We use biologically or organically certified active ingredients from many parts of the world. We do not choose to use our ingredients because they are “fashionable” in the field of cosmetics, but having studied their effectiveness and the problems they solve. We do not make claims for reasons of impression, which of course are always to the detriment of the consumer.

We believe that beauty is a matter of Holistic approach and that is why the products are based on active ingredients that care for the skin and aromatic essential oils that stimulate the spirit. Our vision is to promote a more natural way of treatment and our commitment is to prove that this way is just as effective.