Protective Scented Hair Spray


Does not grease the hair, create a film on the surface of the hair and makes them shiny.

Protective Scented Hair Spray 3.4 oz (100ml )

Protective scented hair spray. Does not grease the hair. Contains D – Panthenol which penetrates deeply into the hair structure, strengthens it by preventing breakage, facilitates hair styling and moisturizes the scalp. Vegetable glycerin that help to create a film on the surface of the hair. Liquid silk and hydrolysed keratin bring back the shine to your hair.

How to use

Apply directly to your hair with 2-3 sprays depending on their length, or spray your brush and then comb. Ideal for summer.

Mineral Water, Glycerin, D – Panthenol, Liquid Silk, Hydrolysed Keratin, Ercasol 13LH, Geogard, Alcohol, Fragrance.